Well-Being Educator & Coach

Contemplative Photography

For me, photography is a mindful act. I get lost in the flow,
capturing the mood I sense, whether I'm out in a natural setting,
indoors, or wandering the urban landscape.


Energy in Motion

Capturing, or creating a mood is everything. A picture needs to convey a feeling to the viewer. I do that through composition and the post-production process. I nearly always adjust the white balance, especially in an interior shot, because lighting is mood. 

I have photographed hundreds of homes and thousands of landscapes.

Indoors, I incorporate external flash to light the darker corners of the spaces and to bring the level of light indoors closer to the brightness outdoors, so that you can actually see through the windows—if that is desired.

Outside, I let the environment speak to me. Some things call out to be captured, and others are more quiet. By getting lost in the moment, I notice details and let my eye lead the way. 

As much as I love natural settings, I have a lot of fun photographing urban landscapes and quirky architectural details. I like to offer a different perspective than what we might see walking down the street.

I have done projects for craftsmen, renovators, home builders, the real estate industry, and travel and tourism. I also walkabout with my camera (or phone) as a practice of mindfulness to appreciate my environment. In doing so, I connect with my own creativity and expression. ♥


Blessed are they who see humble things
in beautiful places
where other people see nothing.

Camille Pissaro