Well-Being Educator & Coach

Transformational Coaching

A compassionate and supportive relationship that
unleashes your full potential by releasing
the blocks that are in the way
of your goals and dreams.


Transformational Life Coaching is for you if you feel like you aren’t living your authentic life and are seeking change. 

You may have no idea of what you want or how to get there. That’s ok. That’s the work in our sessions.

What makes coaching a good option for you is that you are wanting to explore more about yourself and are willing to shift in some way to see new possibilities.


Issues to explore in our coaching:

  • Dealing with changes in health
  • Getting unstuck 
  • Gaining clarity where you’re confused
  • Finding your voice
  • Managing a difficult relationship
  • Living out your purpose and gifts
  • Processing a loss or uncomfortable emotions
  • Seeking more peace and greater sense of well-being
  • Finding out why you self-sabotage
  • Preparing for a new phase of life


Our sessions are pretty relaxed and start with a warm cup of tea. You bring your concerns, and we take it from there. 

I listen and help you slow things down so that we can see what’s going on inside from a new perspective. I guide you to get in touch with your body and the wisdom that is in it—where you feel tension and where those emotions are showing up (even the ones you don’t think you have). 

I follow my intuition, always with your permission and feedback, and will introduce activities that get you out of your head (your rationalizing left brain), and will draw on the power of your right brain. Surprises often come! 

Our time is both serious and playful. My commitment is that you feel deeply respected, compassionately witnessed, calmer and clearer than when you came in.


While on our way of reaching your desired outcome for the coaching process, it is my intention that you come away with:

  • a clearer sense of who you are
  • feeling better in your body (less symptomatic)
  • more able to authentically express yourself
  • a greater connection to your own intuition
  • a more calm and self-assured stance in your life
  • a plan, support and accountability.

When we connect to our soul,
we live from our deepest values
and elevate others through our example.


1:1 Coaching

Although much can be accomplished in just a few sessions, most people find that an ongoing relationship for several months gives them the support they need to make lasting change. Reach out to discuss what will suit you best. This can include couples or families.
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Group Coaching

There is power in gathering with a group of others. Though the focus isn't solely on you, there is always a gift from participating in someone else's inner work. We learn greater self-compassion through feeling deeply connected and supported by the group, while gaining insight about a blindspot of our own. When so many of us are wounded by isolation and abandonment, a group can be very nurturing.
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Coaching Hikes

A coaching experience with nature as our setting is extremely grounding, bringing you to a deeper awareness of your health and well-being. Either individually or within a small group, we embrace the natural beauty to get quiet, reflect, and inspire new ways of opening to your inner journey. The movement and inherent progression of a hike can lead to new breakthroughs.
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