Well-Being Educator & Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness

Bringing compassionate and non-judgmental awareness
to the present moment.
When we are present, we are free to act from choice
rather than "re"-act from the past.


Accepting & Allowing

Mindfulness has changed my life. It goes way beyond the edges of my meditation cushion. I’ve been in situations where I was extremely frustrated and confused about what to do next. I was angry about what someone else did or said, and felt betrayed—like a victim. My story was that someone else created a situation that left me with two undesirable choices. And I was mad about that, too.

A huge a-ha moment occurred for me when I created a little distance from my emotions and instead, just noticed them. Wow, I’m really unhappy! I then gave myself some compassion, much like I would to a good friend. Of course you are—this isn’t at all what you want. I get it. I see you. 

Boom. Instead of being mad, I suddenly became really clear and things became very simple. Acknowledging how unhappy I was let me realize that I didn’t like the situation that I was in and I no longer wanted to be in it. A limit became obvious and I knew what I had to do. I felt so free from arguing and trying to convince the other person about how I felt and how the situation affected me. I took responsibility for myself. 

Surprisingly, the outcome wasn’t what I might have thought. My all or nothing thinking, which caused me to see things as very black and white, this or that, turned out to be limited. Another possibility showed up when I got honest with myself and stopped trying to change someone else.

The power of befriending whatever we are experiencing happens through curiosity. Curiosity suspends the feeling that things should be something other than they are, and instead, invites us to understand better what is. Resistance and frustration fade and the door opens to clarity, creativity and courageous choice. 

The mind is like water.
When it is turbulent, it is difficult to see.
When it is calm, everything becomes clear.

Bhuddist Vision


Welcoming Mindfulness

As a certified meditation teacher, I offer workshops on creating a meditation practice. Despite its simplicity, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Additionally, mindfulness is an integral part of the way I coach, inviting you to witness what is happening within your body and beneath the surface of your mind. That is where your wisdom lives. Just as the surface of the water can be choppy, a few feet below, there is only the hint of movement.

In my nutrition practice, mindfulness also plays a central role. “Nutrition” is all about our relationship to food. Ultimately, we want to be able to eat what we know our body needs, rather than follow a food plan. Creating a plan is only a intermediary step of unlearning established habits and emotional responses. My goal is for you to discover your innate food plan.

I also offer coaching sessions through the format of mindful hikes, letting nature speak as a metaphor into your life. I always trust that whatever needs to be worked through will show up. The environment never fails to surprise and illuminate our thinking. 

Lastly, I offer weekend retreats for small groups learning how to incorporate mindfulness as a practice into daily life through education, cooking, self-care and a personal practice.

Please get in touch to further explore how mindfulness and meditation can enhance your well-being, as it has mine. ♥