Well-Being Educator & Coach

My Journey

The things in life that challenge us the most
often turn out to be our greatest gifts.


Heading Home

My journey to becoming a Well-being Educator and Coach has covered a lot of ground on many different paths. For over 20 years I’ve been involved in the health and wellness industry, but it started much earlier than that.

Creating home has always been a driving passion.

My first love was creating the external home—I was fascinated as a young girl learning how a house was constructed, how the spaces related to each other, and how it enhanced the lives of those who would live in it.

Studying psychology in high school and university fed my fascination for the inner realm and how we are “constructed” as individuals. I always had a seeking nature, wondering what life meant, what my purpose in it was and why I became the way I was. 

All my interests didn’t seem connected for a long time and I pursued them separately, while I also became a math and science teacher, leading me to work in the computer industry. I discovered a knack for graphic design and found a trailhead back to my younger home design aspirations. The principles are very much the same.

After I began having children, staying in shape was really important to me (well, to my inner critic, that is). I completed my fitness certification for my own learning as well as a fun part-time job. The more I learned about a healthy lifestyle, the more passionate I became.

This ignited a third (or is it fourth??) interest of health and wellness. 

I felt like I was going in so many directions, however, Life had my back. I have the image of all these trailheads seemingly going in different directions, but ultimately leading up the same wondrous mountain.

In a bittersweet twist of fate, all my interests came together to save myself in a health crisis. I had no idea that the distress and pain I felt then would be the gift I had always searched for. (scroll for more)

If light is in your heart,
you will find your way home.



Home Again

Recovering took everything I had, plus a lot of trial and error. I intuitively followed a path that left no stone unturned in my life. I am grateful for the wisdom that directed me. I not only overcame fibromyalgia, but I found the way back to myself. Home. It was inside of me all along.

The trial and error part is what didn’t sit well in hindsight. It was difficult and frustrating to find health professionals who took a whole person approach. So, I pursued education in holistic nutrition and transformational life coaching—creating my own master’s program as it were, with the goal of coming alongside others who are probably just as frustrated as I was.

I’ve learned that everything is interrelated—how we think, what we eat, how we feel, what we do and even why we do it. A sense of true well-being comes from stepping back and courageously looking at each one of those contributes to the whole picture. 

I love how all the pieces have come together in my life, creating a picture more interesting and beautiful than I could have planned. I have an amazing life and I am very grateful.

Now I stand in the courage of who I am, offering everything I know about well-being to shine a light on the path for others who might currently feel they are in the dark, not knowing where to turn. 

One of the wonderful blessings is that when we go on this journey, we create a more authentic and self-empowered life. We become free to live the life we choose. ♥

Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do.


Education & Accreditation

  • C.H.N., Certified in Holistic Nutrition, CSNN
  • Coaching for Transformation Professional Certified Coach, Leadership That Works
  • ACC, ICF certified Associate Coach
  • Constitutional Iridology (IIPA Level I) & Body Systems Herbology with Judith Cobb
  • Women’s Health Herbology with Judith Cobb (in progress)
  • Meditation Teacher program, Yoga Alliance
  • Certified First Line Therapy Consultant, Metagenics Canada
  • Add Heart Facilitator, Heart Math Institute 
  • Coaching for Self-leadership Levels 1 – 5, based on the Internal Family Systems model, with Guthrie Sayen
  • Mentoring program with Mark Wolynn, The Family Constellation Institute
  • Mindfulness Meditation course, with Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Resonant Language course, with Sarah Peyton
  • B.Ed. in Secondary Math and Science (with Distinction), the University of Calgary
  • Art & Design—University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, Alberta College of Art & Design
  • Diploma in Public Relations, Mount Royal University
  • ALFCA fitness certification, YogaFit & PilatesFit Levels I
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Interior Designer, Photographer and Home Renovator / General Contractor
  • Former Software Trainer & Analyst
  • Volunteer—Schools, Community, Non-profit
  • I’ve always been a Mom first. There’s no accreditation for that, but it’s been an education! My children have been my greatest teachers and window into myself. Thank you, my loves! 

On a lighter note:

  • I live in south Calgary, AB and also work in Okotoks, AB
  • I have four amazing adult children, two handsome step sons, and one cheeky son-in-law (he’s British, I can say that) all ranging from 22 – 32 years old (yikes!)
  • Slow mornings are my (not so) guilty pleasure
  • My morning routine includes a cup of tea, a 20 minute meditation, celery juice, yoga, a walk or a paddle on the lake, and then … a nice coffee!
  • Traveling to water keeps me sane—BC and all it has to offer is my new backyard (and now the UK)
  • I like to buy tea and books in quantities beyond what I can consume
  • I am gluten-free, dairy free and processed sugar free and I don’t feel deprived (I didn’t think that was possible)
  • My hubby and I are pretty awesome cooks. I especially love fresh herbs from our garden.
  • I’m super proud of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • My camera is my paintbrush 
  • I love my kids! I love our conversations. I love the challenges. I love being their Mom. ♥
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