Well-Being Educator & Coach

Within you is all the wisdom you need...

Health is the natural outcome of listening to your inner guidance—
it's coming home to yourself.

I help you find the way.


I'm Deena

I’m so happy you found your way here!

I work with people who are seeking a fuller sense of well-being and fulfillment in their lives. Perhaps that is what’s brought you here—your health or your sense of who you are is not where you’d like it to be?

I get it. I yearned for something more, but didn’t really know what it was. When I experienced a health crisis, I decided it was necessary for me to deepen the journey into myself. Through a lot of trial and error, I dug myself out of the hole of fibromyalgia. I addressed every aspect of my life—what I ate, how I moved, what I thought, felt and believed. Somehow I knew that this wasn’t something happening to me … but within me. I’m so grateful for that little whisper of wisdom that drew me deeper inside. Not only did I recover, but I healed other parts of myself that I had ignored or been unaware of. That pain turned out to be a gift.

I now come alongside others going through something similar. Your body isn’t working against you, it’s trying to tell you something. One of my gifts is to compassionately lean in and listen to the message your system is sending through your present circumstances. Whether you are experiencing a change in health, relationship challenges, grieving a loss, or “just” not feeling fully alive, I compassionately guide you back to the parts of yourself that need care and attention. 

It’s your agenda, your feelings, your wisdom. I bring my heart, my ears and my intuition. Together we tap into the resources that you already have to unblock the flow of your innate freedom and joy.

Does that sound like where you’d like to go? Get it touch and we’ll take it step by step.  

There are beautiful wild forces within us. Let them turn the mills inside to fill sacks that feed even Heaven.​

St. Francis of Assisi


Coming Home to YourSelf

I believe we are complex beings and don’t exist as separate compartments physically, emotionally or spiritually. Often lifestyle changes don’t stick because the other aspects of ourselves have not been part of the process. We can keep recreating the same situation because the deeply held beliefs about ourselves continue to be the same—no matter how hard we try or how much we intellectually know.

When you work with me, we look at the whole picture of who you are … and how you are … homing in on what is working in your life and what isn’t. I love the power of metaphors—when we look at how you nourish yourself with food, for example, we often discover other areas of your life that mirror the same pattern. Do you take in a lot of junk? What need is that meeting? How can it be met differently? What’s been in the way of shifting that behavior?

Once we uncover some unconscious information and better understand how your system has been protecting you, we can then unburden the things that have been in the way. This is exciting because transformation becomes possible. You are no longer a victim to habits and old ways of thinking. You no longer have to rely on “willpower” to try to change.

Increased self-awareness and self-compassion leads to self-acceptance, giving you the freedom—meaning the courage, confidence and choice—to be who you really are! 



This is at the heart of everything I do. My gift is holding the safe and sacred space you need by listening to your words … between your words … beneath your words … tuning into the whispers of your heart. I often hear what you cannot, because the other voices inside your head are louder. You know—the shoulds and should nots, along with that inner critic?? Whether we are discussing food or paint chips, I am listening for what wants to emerge in you. I guide you to the clarity of your own voice.

Nutritional Consultations

Food is both our fuel and our medicine. Every cell in our body is made from the nutrients we take in affecting how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically. However, nutritional guidelines are more confusing than ever, making it difficult to know what is really meant by “healthy”. By doing a complete assessment of your various symptoms and lifestyle, I guide you to an eating plan that addresses what your body needs right now. Our goal is for you to feel nourished and energized!

Meditation & Mindfulness

I am such an overthinker! My mind wants to constantly dwell on what was, or work through what might be. Can you relate? Helpful, not helpful, right?

By slowing down, getting quiet and going inside, we learn how to hear what our body is saying. That’s where the answers are! Plus, it’s a cleansing ritual for our mind. As a certified Meditation Teacher, I provide the space and tools to help you get started in your own practice of letting go and listening. 

Contemplative Photography

I learned how to use an old manual SLR camera long before digital cameras … and ignited a passion deep within. I became a professional stylist and interior photographer, using the lens to tell the story of a space, capturing the emotions that it evokes. I also see my environment in a thoughtful and unique way through my camera, whether it’s out in the woods or within the urban landscape. Please enjoy some of my works and let me know if you have a special project you’d like to collaborate on.


How we interact with our homes and how they interact with us is fascinating to me. I believe it is essential to our well-being to have a home that is a sanctuary from the world, providing safety, relaxation and beauty. We also need to function effortlessly in our home, and thus feel supported by it. I have designed and renovated many residential projects and have a gift for recovering unused space to create better flow. I consult with you to create spaces that reflect your ideal of home. 



Happiness is the highest form of health.

Dalai Lama




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